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Thread: Vintage Han, dissolving paint *Need advice*

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    Vintage Han, dissolving paint *Need advice*

    Today I was cleaning my figures using a dab of rubbing alcohol and a soft toothbrush. I had not problems until I got to my ANH Han Solo. The paint on his shirt started melting off!! It was so bad that it smeared all over the figure.

    I had no problem with the paint on any of my other figures, and brief research turned up that isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol dissolves acrylics. When I received it, I noted that his shirt was particularly shiny, but didn't think much of it not having any other figures at the time to compare it to. Now, looking at my second ANH Han now, I can see that his shirt really isn't shiny at all.

    Is there any chance I'm at fault here, before I open a can of worms? This figure was purchased through eBay.

    Thanks in advance

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    I can't say without seeing the figure But Rubbing Alcohol will do damage. I have Many Han Solo figures and some shirts are shiny and some are not.. Mine were all bought by me new.

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    that white on his shirt is super fragile- just look at all the examples out there with tons of marks. i think there is an over 50% chance your at fault- making a return when its not the sellers fault can get you in a bigger can of worms on ebay and this site.

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    I appreciate the responses. I'm not trying to take advantage on anyone

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    Never use anything but a bit of soap and warm water to clean figures. Anything else, especially alcohol based will kill paint.
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