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Thread: WTB: ESB Hoth Playsets and Hoth accessories

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    WTB: ESB Hoth Playsets and Hoth accessories

    Tauntaun Accessories:

    Snow Speeder Parts:
    2 x Laser Cannon
    Cockpit Cover with glass
    Harpoon with block
    Harpoon gun

    3 3/4 inch figure weapons:
    Hoth Han Solo Gun
    Hoth Luke Skywalker Gun
    Hoth Princess Leia Gun
    Snowtrooper gun
    Snowtrooper skirt
    Hoth Rebel Commander Gun
    Hoth Rebel Trooper Gun

    Entire Imperial Attack Base

    Entire Canon Turret with Imperial Probe Droid

    Complete Luke X-wing fighter pilot

    Please let me know if there are accessories I missed.

    My figures, speeder and Tuantuan are by no means mint. So I don't need perfect stuff, and I would accept replica accessories, please just be upfront so I can do so if I ever sell any of it. I definitely don't need boxes Thank you.
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    Hey there. I might be able to help you out. Email me at or text at 770 653 0552. I also have a ton of potf2 and newer army builders if interested.

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