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Thread: Snowtrooper Collection Focus **JAN 11 New FB Page-No longer updating this thread*

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    Congrats on the new additions. I especially like the chess piece.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rodders View Post
    Congrats on the new additions. I especially like the chess piece.
    Thanks! It's the obscure stuff that I love

    Just arrived last night- 2011 GG Ralph McQuarrie Concept Snowtrooper mini-bust. Used to own one several years ago before giving it away as a gift. So far I've just got this and the TFA Snowtrooper one, so I'll need to get the last 2- the regular snowtrooper and the smaller Commander bust. My intent to have all my full scale helmets on display w/ the busts displayed in front of each....I do have a McQuarrie concept replica helmet on it's way shortly as well

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    Arrived last night- Ralph McQuarrie Concept Snowtrooper helmet replica kit by Adam Trussoni. He included the cowl material/template and "cowl hanger." Will be fun to paint up and finish!

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    Some new additions:

    2012- Star Wars Celebration 6 Topps 501st Legion Snowtrooper Sketch card - artist unable to be ID'd

    2004- Topps Star Wars Heritage Snowtrooper Commander Sketch Card by Matt Bush (actually have another one of the same drawing from the same set on it's way)

    2015 - TFA Snowtrooper Mini-helmet, exclusive in Spain

    2016- Lego Christmas Advent Calender Snowtrooper Figure

    2017- August issue, German Lego magazine w/ exclusive snowtrooper (still in bag, unopened)

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    New additions after my birthday this past weekend! There's one item I can't post here, unfortunately, as it was a gag gift and might get me banned if I do, but it's on my facebook album

    From my detachment, they put this together for me. These are one-off patch "proofs" made when determining the proper color to use for these 12" shield patches. Upper left being the final version. Being a collector, owning one of a kind pieces like this is awesome!

    My girlfriend got me this piece commissioned, created by Brian Hoang, featuring a snowtrooper commander and Montross (mando/Bounty Hunter from EU/Legends) in a event-style poster. Both of these characters I have costumes for and wear regularly, so this was a nice homage to both. "For Blizzard Force" is a saying I coined at Dragoncon one, very intoxicated evening, so there's a reference there

    Last up, is a wonderful idea that 2 of my friend got together to make for me, my buddy came up with the idea and our other friend, who's a graphic artist, produced the piece. It's an IKEA style instruction sheet for building an E-WEB blaster. She gave me the first 2 prints, each numbered. She's offering these as well on her etsy page now

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    My Latest acquisitions from this month:

    1980 Burger King The Empire Strikes Back glass featuring 2 snowtroopers in the art. Pristine condition, as if it was just made yesterday.

    2017- Psychedelic Snowtrooper Custom Figure #1 of 5, by TD 5491 Phenix Customs

    2017- Snowtrooper commissioned Sketch Card on official Tops Star Wars Evolutions card, by Scott Jones

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    So I've decided since I've been expanding this collection fairly quickly, much to the girlfriend's begrudging approval, I decided to make a separate facebook page for this, rather than just keep it all in a random album.

    I've sorted the collection photos so far into varying categories to better organize them.

    Looking at things, I may eventually try and produce better photos, but that'll take a bit to do..

    I don't think I'll continue to update individual threads, like this one

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