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Thread: Star Wars Buildable Figures

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    Star Wars Buildable Figures

    I've been contemplating purchasing and displaying the buildable figures as based on the pictures on the boxes they look pretty decent to display. For those that have bought these do they display nicely, I know they aren't no Sideshow/Hot Toys or Kotobukiya as i have those as well but I do like displaying figures (excluding hasbro as got out of that a while ago). Will admit has been nice finding them on clearance pricing and the Boba looks intriguing as well.

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    In my general opinion, the figures with human faces are weaker than the armoured or droid figures. The only exception to that is Obi-Wan. That fig goes really well with Grievous, which is probably the best of the bunch.

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    Agreed on the human faces, was only going to go with armoured figures.

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    Aside from those two, I only have K-2 (who's just ok with slightly less posability), Cody and one of each trooper minus the Sandtrooper and Biker Scout. The troopers are nice, though they differ in height. Like you, I only started buying these because they were on clearance. My recommendation would be to get just Grievous and Obi-Wan and leave it at that. Even if they're cheap, they still take up quite a bit of space, especially when they're posed.

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    I personally like these a lot. They are larger than you'd expect (especially the speeder bike). Grievous is enormous and (IMO) the best one for display because he is so imposing. Some of the limbs look out of place on some characters as they are not bulky, but for the most part I think TLG did a great job with the designs.

    I agree that the human faces aren't great, but I think the Baze and Chirrut ones are passable. Obi Wan is the best one, hands down. Looking forward to Fett! Have fun!

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