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Thread: Older Carded Figures For Sale

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    Older Carded Figures For Sale

    Let me start off by saying that its been quite a few years since I've been here. Most likely a bit more since i've been involved with the classified section of the 'scum. I was involved with ALOT of trades back then. I see a few people that I knew from the here. Not sure if anyone else remembers me. This will be my first (that I recall) time I'm involved with the selling aspect. I have a lot more items to my collection that I will be posting as time goes on. That being said, the prices will reflect what I paid for each of the figures. If someone wants pictures, I will be able to provide those on a person to person request. Also, all Target Exclusives come with the clam shell packaging. Also to clarify, they're all near mint on the card unless stated.


    Chief Chirpa (red holo figure) $6 SOLD
    R4-M6 ...Mace's astromech droid (red holo figure) $6 SOLD
    Clone Trooper Sargeant (red holo figure) $6
    Elite Corps Clone Trooper (red holo figure) $6 SOLD
    Aurra Sing (red holo figure) $6
    Momaw Nadon (red holo figure) $6 SOLD
    Firespeeder Pilot (blue holo figure) $6
    Yarael Poof (red holo figure) $6 SOLD
    Foul Moudama (blue holo figure) $6 SOLD
    Kit Fisto....the topless, ultra buff version (red holo figure) $6
    Hem Dazon (red holo figure) $6 SOLD
    Princess Leia....Boushh disguise (blue holo figure) $6
    Garindon (red holo figure) $6 SOLD
    Shocktrooper (red holo figure) $6
    Anakin Skywalker (blue holo figure) $6

    I also have what I believe is the complete set from the Ultimate Galactic Hunt chase figures from The Saga Collection. Just to clarify why these were so sought after back then: these were figures with a silver holo figure included instead of the blue or red holo figs. These carded figures were embellished with a "chromed" Star Wars logo instead of the flat silver logo.

    Ultimate Galactic Hunt

    Han Solo with Carbonite $7
    Snow Trooper $7
    At-At Driver $7
    Darth Vader $7
    General Grievous $7
    Boba Fett $7
    Obi Wan Kenobi $7
    Anakin Skywalker $5 (has a few spots on the chromed logo)
    Scorch $7
    Commander Cody $7
    General Grievous-Demise of Grievous (this was a Target only chase figure) $9

    Original Trilogy Collection

    (each figure comes in the clam shell)

    Biker Scout (x3) $10
    Han Solo $10 SOLD
    Luke Skywalker $10 SOLD
    Princess Leia $10 SOLD
    Yoda $10 SOLD
    Ben Obi Wan Kenobi $10 SOLD
    Lando Calrissian $10
    Chewbacca $10 SOLD
    Stormtrooper $10
    Greedo $10 SOLD
    Han Solo (trench coat) $10
    Darth Vader $10
    C3PO $10
    Boba Fett $10 SOLD
    R2-D2 $10 SOLD
    Sand People $10
    Luke Skywalker X-Wing Pilot $10
    George Lucas Stormtrooper $15 SOLD

    POTF2 (Freeze Frame Figures)

    Princess Leia (Hoth gear) $4

    Saga Legends (2008)

    Commander Neyo (Fans Choice) $6 SOLD
    Utapau Shadow Trooper (Fans Choice) $6 SOLD

    Star Wars Saga (2002)

    Darth Tyrannus (Geonosis Escape) $5
    Padme' (Droid Factory Escape) $5
    Aayla Secura $5
    Dexter Jetster $5
    Yoda and Chian (2 pack) $5

    Star Wars Saga (2003)

    Dengar $6
    Dutch Vander Gold Leader $6
    Darth Vader Throne Room Duel $6

    Revenge of the Sith

    Royal Guard (red robe) $5 SOLD
    Clone Commander (green) $5 SOLD
    Clone Commander (red) $5 SOLD
    Utapau Shadow Trooper (Target Exclusive) $9 SOLD
    Clone Trooper (Shocktrooper) $5

    Clone Wars (realistic 2003)

    Saesee Tiin $6
    Clone Trooper $6

    Clone Wars (Animated 2003)

    Obi Wan $5
    Durge $5

    The Clone Wars (2008)

    Commander Fox (Target Exclusive) $10 SOLD

    POTF2 Expanded Universe

    Dark Trooper (Dark Forces) w/3D playscene $8
    Princess Leia (Dark Empire) w/3D playscene $8
    Kyle Katarn (Dark Forces) w/3D playscene $8

    Power of the Force (Commtech)

    Stormtrooper (Bubble has a yellow tint to it) $3

    Order 66 (Target Exclusive w/round packaging)

    Tsui Choi and Barc Trooper (#3 of 6) $10 SOLD
    Darth Vader and Commander Bow (#3 of 6) $10 SOLD
    Mace Windu and Galactic Marine (#2 of 6) $10
    Emporer Palpatine and Commander Thire (#1 of 6) opened $5 SOLD

    Clone Wars (original Genndy Tartakovsky version) Commemorative DVD Collection (Wal-mart exclusive 3 packs)

    Anakin Skywalker, Saesee Tiin, Clone Trooper $15
    Clone Commander Cody, Obi Wan Kenobi, General Grievous $8 (opened)

    The Saga Collection

    Republic Commando Delta Squad 7 pack $25 SOLD
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    I'm actually open for trades also. What I'm looking for are the 6 inch figures only.

    Troopers (essentially any right now)
    Sabine Wren
    Darth Revan
    Commander Cody
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    Pmed you

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    I'm gonna PM you back.
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    Ok. I'm going to go through the PM's I received and I'll figure out how I'll break it down and let those people know. After that I'll edit what's sold. I'm also going to add some stuff.
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    I've finally notified all those of you that sent me PM's. I'll be updating the list.
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    I updated the list to show what's sold. I believe i've notified everyone that's sent PM's. if I've been negligent and not answered anyone please let me know.
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