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Thread: R2D2 Tamashii nations die cast 1/6

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    R2D2 Tamashii nations die cast 1/6

    Hey guys I have three (3) Tamashii R2 D2' available for pre order. They will be $250 shipped, US shipping only unless overseas buyers are willing to pay additional shipping costs, customs fees, vat. For insurance purposes I cannot mark as gift. I have only three availble. So anyone interested let me know, again pre-order most likely shipping first week Sept. I do not use PayPal, I use Venmo, just as safe if not safer, allows for more protection for buyer and seller with out chargeback scams etc.. PM if your looking to secure one. I also have one (1) C3PO left and in stock ready to ship. Original price of $399 with free shipping but has small scuff on head (factory marking) brand new in box. With quality control we are not expeacting any QC issues for R2 with paint app.

    For those curious, we were able to place a whole sale order bit were only allocated 5 pieces guaranteed. One has already been spiking for and ill be adding one to go with my Tamashii 3PO. Leaving 3 so I thought I'd give fellow members a chance to get one at a reasonable price.
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