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Thread: Legacy At-At parts needed

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    Legacy At-At parts needed

    I picked up a Legacy At-at for my son for his birthday yesterday from a seller on Craig's List. Got it for a great price, but it's missing a couple of parts:

    • The speeder bike
    • Right chin gun
    • Both missile's on the chin guns
    • 1 of the drop hook/hangers off the side the troopers stand in. EDIT - bought the hanger on eBay

    Anyone have any of these available to purchase? Thanks in advance if anyone can help me out. I've looked at eBay and made an offer on the hanger stands but no dice yet.
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    I may actually have a speeder bike for one. Shoot me a PM and I'll try to remember to sort through a storage bin, or two, and try to find it.
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