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Thread: Lydia Green Ewok Wunka ROTJ Private Signing

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    Lydia Green Ewok Wunka ROTJ Private Signing

    I am excited to announce the first ROTJ private signing that will take place this fall. Lydia Green who played the Ewok Wunka. Not sure exact date yet but will make sure to let you know as soon as we finalize the date. Prices that included return shipping will be $20 for a photo and $25 for send-in items which include posters, photos and figures. Any other send-in items there will be added shipping cost to total. I will also have 4 photos for the signing and will post them shortly. Working on the next ROTJ signing for the later part of fall beginning of winter. MYFBWY!!

    Thanks Dave

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    I am in for one 8x10!!, looking forward to seeing the photo options, another great signing-- thanx!!!

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