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Thread: Clear stands for regular and wide-stance figures?

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    Clear stands for regular and wide-stance figures?

    So I have a relatively small collection at the moment, and I have some of the pro-tech clear stands but I feel like they're a little bigger than I need.

    I like the smaller ones, but they don't look like they'd accommodate the wider-stance figures. I've seen some for sale specifically for the wide-stance guys like Gammorean Guard, but I haven't been able to find a place that definitely sells the regular and wide sizes of the same brand stand, if that makes sense.

    I found an old thread on here about it but the site someone linked to didn't work. Anyone know a place that sells both? I just don't want the regular and wide versions to look totally different.

    ALSO is there a list of how many figures are the wider stance? I just wanna make sure I don't over-buy those.


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    Hi there - I sell both sets of stands - the 1" and the 1.5" - they are sold in 10s so you can have a mix of them both within the total - the split is roughly 60 1" and 40 1.5"

    I ship out of the US, the UK and Australia so have everyone covered

    Price wise you are looking at

    UK - inc shipping
    5.50GBP for 20
    12GBP for 50
    23GBP for 100

    US - inc shipping
    $11 for 20
    $22 for 50
    $40 for 100

    $10 per pack of 20 - shipping depends on the number of packs you want

    If you'd like to order then you can drop me a message on here or email me at

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    ^^ Buy these. I've purchased these stands from Ian a couple times and I love them. I do need to go back and buy a few for the wider stance figures, as the 1" stand does work, but the figure looks a little awkward having one foot hang off.

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    what about figs like c-3po and death star droid that have large peg holes on their feet? any stands that work with those?

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