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Thread: How to tell vintage/modern Speeder Bikes parts (gun/handlebars) apart?

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    How to tell vintage/modern Speeder Bikes parts (gun/handlebars) apart?

    So, I have a big box of 90s PotF stuff I'm giving to my nephew, but just realized there's a vintage speeder bike in there as well as a couple modern ones. The thing is, I'm pretty sure all the parts have gotten mixed up.

    I have a pretty good sense of which speed flaps to check for, the more brownish/black versions. Are the handlebars/gun the same situation?

    Just want to make sure I end up with the vintage speeder as intact as possible
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    Hi there.

    To answer your question, yes. The POTF2 speeder bikes are molded in a very dark brown color. Flaps, Handle Bars and belly guns should all be the same color. Vintage Kenner bikes have all those parts molded in 100% solid black.

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