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Thread: How much should I be paying for a Jedi Luke w/ cloak and lightsaber?

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    How much should I be paying for a Jedi Luke w/ cloak and lightsaber?

    The complete ones with the blaster seem to go for ~$100 but I don't care as much about the blaster.

    Ebay seems to have a big range due to there being so many variations on which thing they include or whether the saber is a repro or whatever so it's hard to get a read on just looking at the prices.

    i prefer the moulded-face version if that makes a difference.

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    One just sold in the for sale forum for $50 complete! If you do buy one often the accessories are worth more than the figure itself! If you do ever want the weapons it's best to buy a complete figure instead of tracking down weapons and accessories...I have paid the price a few times to "complete" a figure!

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    oh rad. yeah makes sense. i guess it looks like at elast for some stuff one can get a better deal on things here than ebay.

    i have a very small collection so far (18 figs) so once i scrounge up some cash/am actually "in the market" i'll likely make a big Wanted post on here.

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    The molded face version is actually much rarer and worth considerably more. Ones that are rather beat (missing significant hand paint, general scratches) have been selling for around $100 with little or no accessories. Some people get these confused, and you will see people selling a painted face Luke as a molded face Luke. It pays to really know the difference to avoid a semi-costly mistake.

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    I will let you know what a molded face loose luke jedi mint (afa 85) gets as I currently have that up for auction on fleabay!
    The blue and green sabers sold by themself have spiked on ebay...last green saber went for $47 at auction

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    is right! Glad I got all my sabers a while back! Blue always went for more. . . scared to know what they are commanding now!

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