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Thread: OT: Need Help For Dragon Con Battlestar Galactica Cast Poster

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    OT: Need Help For Dragon Con Battlestar Galactica Cast Poster


    I am in need of some assistance with obtaining a few signatures for my Battlestar Galactica poster at the upcoming Dragon Con convention. I have already asked one member on this board but given that I was the only one asking for autographs for these actors we unfortunately could't make it work but no worries there. If anybody can help thats done this before I promise to pay via pay pal and I will make it worth your while. The only thing that I want to confirm up front is that it is okay to ship to you with about $1200 in insurance since I already have several signatures on it now, so it will likely require a signature to accept the poster in the mail when I ship it to you. Here are the details:

    Poster (27 x 40 rolled in tube, Black or Blue Sharpie):
    Luciana Carro (Personalized/character name to Taylor)
    Michael Hogan (Personalized/character name to Taylor)
    Rekha Sharma (Personalized/character name to Taylor)
    Rick Worthy (Personalized/character name to Taylor)
    Tricia Helfer (Personalized/character name to Taylor)

    And I do also have an art print I'd love to have signed as well that I can ship in the same tube as the poster but this one is completely optional.
    Art Print (22 x 17 rolled in the same tube as the poster, Silver Sharpie):
    Michael Hogan
    Tricia Helfer
    Katee Sackoff

    Let me know if anybody can help as I would GREATLY appreciate it. Thank you for the time!! PM me and we can communicate that way or via email or FB messenger.

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    PM sent on your request
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