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Thread: FS: Lot of Oscars Cases (unused and still in wrap)

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    FS: Lot of Oscars Cases (unused and still in wrap)

    Hi guys, a while ago I bought a whole load of display cases for my Star Wars figures but ultimately decided not to put my figures on display. So I now have these cases that I'd like to sell, all of which haven't been used at all and most are in their packaging. They cost me $16USD each and a couple of them were more than that due to them being for the larger figure cases. The shipping was also ridiculously expensive. I have 15 and would like to sell them all in one bulk lot, for $200AUD. Items in Australia. Local pick-up in Perth preferred as shipping them would be quite costly. Let me know if anyone is interested!

    For reference, here is the website I bought them from:

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    Hi, I'm interested in discussing these Will PM you

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