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Thread: Elite Guards 4-Pack - Gamestop - Rumored

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigBayBlue View Post
    The original rumor was right about it being a Guard 4-Pack, and about it being a Gamestop Exclusive - it stands to reason they were right about which figures it contains. The Royal Guard and Shadow Guard would come from the same existing mold. The Praetorian Guard would be pretty much the same as the single release. Only the Senate Guard would be new. So Hasbro would essentially be asking people to spend ~$80 for one all new figure, one repaint, and two re-packs. That sounds like them.
    Fingers crossed for a markdown seeing how no one asked for this.
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    I haven't had the best of luck with Gamestop Exclusive. I don't know that they order enough for these sets to stick around. If its 4 different Praetorean Guards, I'm in, and will buy it as soon as I see it available.

    If its the ERG, Shadow Guard, Royal Guard, and Rebel Guard, I'll likely pass and hope for a clearance sale I don't ever expect to come about around me. I'd really only be interested in the blue Royal Guard.

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    $80 is honestly a better price than the $100 for EE exclusives. The order 66 pack is outrageously priced.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GarvenDreis View Post
    I really don't see how they could do a multi-purpose 4 pack... Senate Guard, cool. Shadow Guard, anything from TFU is a win. Praetorian, good. But another ERG? It's not like you can make it different at all.

    It's not like getting more than one of this set would make sense. It will sell yes but after awhile it will still be around... These big 4 packs don't really sell well overall. I'm not saying no one will want it, just after hype dies down, after looking at almost 100 dollar price tag after tax, people will put thier collecting dollars elsewhere. It's gonna be like the other sets and go on sale, but remember Gamestop stores are small. They won't want to hang onto a bunch of these in favor of new merchandise.
    I didn't mean a mixed bag, I was talking about all preatorian guard variants, which I think is just helmets and weapons.

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    Likewise if it is a rehash emperor royal guard and a recolor based pack I will pass for a sale. Having a chance to get all 5 Praetorians in a similar timed release would be great. What's the alternative? Hasbro releases one guard now, another in a 4 pack, and then just three more variants down the road? It's not like you can buy multiples and pass them off as other guards technically. And with the Snoke exclusive and heavy promotion of his throne and the Praetorians, it would make sense to release everything. However, we know Hasbro doesn't always make the most immediately logical decisions. Here's looking for Praetorian #4 in 2018.

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    Will there be a regular 6" Praetorian Guard release on Force Friday? I remember reading that on a checklist somewhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sith_rising View Post
    Will there be a regular 6" Praetorian Guard release on Force Friday? I remember reading that on a checklist somewhere.
    I believe he's slated for a second wave release - not sure if he'll be around on FF, but definitely this fall.

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    I had no idea what the Praetorian Guard looked like, but after a google image search, I would definitely buy one, if not a special fancy four pack!!

    Cool looking designs!

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    There are also rumors of a Snoke w/Throne Gamestop exclusive so maybe this is a companion set to that one?

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