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Thread: Kylo Ren TLJ - #**

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    Maybe Disney hired him for Hunchback of Notre Dame, and mixed up the figures?
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    Not high on my list....he and I will get a chance to see each other again for a while at Walgreens whenever I get my meds refilled.
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    I'll gamble on this being a warmer and get it for $15 on Amazon at worst.
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    I'm actually loving the cape. Makes him look poetic and memorable.
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    Go figure!

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    Its not bad. I just dont want to pay $20 for something that I know will be available on clearance eventually. He totally looks like a brother of the nights watch though...

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    Not digging the plastic cape. Same reason I didn't like the cape on Krennic.
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    I have same thoughts as many of you- don't like the cape at all and just dont feel this version looks different enough to warrent a $20 purchase. I believe there will be another Kylo figure later on, when movie has come out that will be cooler. Don't have any info to base that on, just a feeling. I'll be waiting on this one and possibly get it if goes on sale.
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