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Thread: Rey - Jedi Training - #44

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    I am pretty impressed with this figure. Definitely glad i bought in store and not online, as I have seen eye issues with her, but being able to pick of all the new cases last night, i found a great paint job, I dig it

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    I actually just get a friend in the US to get me stuff and when he gets enough to fill a box without going overy the $15 shipping price before shipping to me and saves me a whole lot of money.

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    Anyone ever have a figure you liked the look of but you don't need it or want it for your collection? This figure is doing that to be real hard right now..

    I want to pose and mess around with it but I don't wanna own it.

    Maybe if it was free for 10 bucks or less I'd say screw it, but I decided to cut back all my ST stuff to a bare minimum. Only wanting Resistance Rey, don't need more than 1 Rey... Grr, collecting.

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    That's the same self-limiting mentality that I had going into Black Series collecting. I just bought my first one in mid-February and now I have 80% of the line, and have started to buy SH Figuarts....
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    I basically had zero interest in this figure.
    I saw it last week at Walgreens and passed.
    Went back tonight, and it was there, so now I own one.

    I would have bought that force ghost Ben as well. Which I also don't really want at all and will now be haunting Walgreens for weeks to come. hahahaha

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