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Thread: Is that a Gun in Your Hand?

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    Is that a Gun in Your Hand?

    So, this might seem like a tedious question about a tedious detail, but I have become paranoid of fake MOC figures. So I had an opportunity to buy a Hammerhead on a ROTJ card recently. Reallly nice card, yellow bubble as you would expect, nothing about it seemed overtly odd, and it seemed legit. However, the figure wasn't holding his gun in his hand, it was taped to the side of the bubble like most, later MOC figures. That seemed odd to me. Any Hammerheads i have seen have the figure holding his gun, not taped to the bubble. As we all know holding the weapon in the bubble was common in the early figures. I took a quick look thru some of my books and looked at some pictures online, and it seems that with one exception, if the figure originally (1977) came holding their gun, then that's how they appear on the later cards, ESB, ROTJ, and even POTF. The only exception i found was a picture of a Luke X-Wing on an ROTJ card on ebay that had his gun taped to the bubble. Most pics i have seen of this figure have him holding his gun, like he did on all the other cardbacks. So, I am being overly paranoid, or did I avoid a fake MOC or re-card? It would seem to be that there was a reason that the early figures had thier weapons in their hand and a reason that it remained in their hand throughout production regardless of card (ESB, ROTJ, or POTF). I didn't buy the Hammerhead because of my reservations. So, does anyone know why certain figures had their gun in their hand and why it never changed except possibly for Luke X-Wing? Is there variation on this? Thanks to everyone in advance for helping me figure this out!

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    Hammerhead Proof Card Series

    ROTJ 48 Back:

    ROTJ 65 Back: No carded examples according The Kellerman Matrix

    ROTJ 77 A-Back: Made in Spain, the only combination that has the head facing right and the gun taped.

    ROTJ 77 B-Back:

    I hope that the one you want to buy is the ROTJ 77 A-Back Made in Spain, if not don't buy it .
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    Brenn, thank you so Much! That makes sense! I don't know if it was a made in Spain figure or not. I didn't look that close. I do remember the black on the back of the card looking like the example you have a picture of. That gave me cause for concern also. So I will show my dumbness....I don't really know much about COO's and what's rare and what's not. Are figures made in Spain rare or something? Maybe i really screwed up on this!

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    ROTJ 77 Back Rarity..

    Made in spain Kenner ROTJ card ??

    Spanish 77 Back A ?

    ROTJ Kenner Carded "made in Spain"??

    Sears Cantina Set C.O.O question

    To answer you bluntly... no, why? because all the Kenner ROTJ Hammerhead 77 A-Back Made in Spain where distributed around the world including the US, but the figure it's the PBP variation:

    Hammerhead. (15 Variants)

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    WOW some of those threads are a blast from the past! Great to see this info is still being used!
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    Interesting. I had never hard of these PBP/POCH variants. I'm not very knowledgeable on the COO's, or what's rare, or what isn't. Most everything i have was made in Hong Kong, except for Lumat and Paploo which were made in Mexico i Think. Wild stuff. Thanks for the info!

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