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Thread: "Inland Empire", directed by David Lynch (2007)

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    "Inland Empire", directed by David Lynch (2007)

    I know there are some Lynch fans on here, so wanted to start a thread for Inland Empire. I saw this film theatrically in Spring 2007, and recently re-watched this again.

    And, even after a second viewing - IE is definitely Lynch's densest & most incomprehensible movie. Essentially, the whole film just seemed like one big mind-f$#%, without any kind of rhyme or reason to connect anything together.

    The only things I really "got" from this was the following:

    The Laura Dern & Justin Theroux characters were an actress/actor on a film set, and off the set they were having an affair. LD's husband (in "real life") warned off the JT character from seeing his wife.

    There were a couple of scenes that appeared to take place in Poland?!

    There was a Hollywood street scene that showed the LD character getting stabbed by a fellow?! prostitute, and then slowly dying on the street - however, this didn't "really" happen & was actually part of a film, given that at the end of the scene, you saw a film crew panning back from the scene & LD slowly stirring. It also seems that the character LD was playing here was not the same character she was playing in the scenes she had with JT.

    The final scene was the most bizarre - it took place in the drawing room?! of an old house, with women just walking around in a daze. Was this supposed to be hell?! Purgatory?!

    The film had several seemingly unconnected dance sequences - including the final scene in the film.

    I suspect that if I watch the film a 3rd time it won't make any more sense.

    That all being said, as with much of Lynch's work I found this a fascinating viewing experience.

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    I'm a Lynch ran, but I gotta admit that this is the only film of his I haven't finished... It's like Mulholland Drive wasn't confusing enough so he had to ratchet it up! That said, it has redeeming qualities, too... The 'Locomotion' dance with the gross hookers in the dark always sticks out to me.
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    IE definitely requires a lot of patience to get through, and there's no real pay-off at the end which "explains" the story. However, it's still an interesting film & I see it as one long stream of consciousness story, if that makes sense. Also cool to see Laura Dern, Justin Theroux, and Grace Zabriskie in the film - given than they had all been in previous DL productions.

    Mulholland Drive is actually a lot more "accessible" than IE, and is probably my favorite Lynch film. My interpretation has always been that the beginning portion of the film is a dream/fantasy that the Naomi Watts character is having, and the "reality" is what you see towards the end of the film- when we see NM on the couch in that crummy L.A. apartment (looking a lot less glamorous & more burned out than she had earlier) - then soon after you see the dark-haired woman (LH) as a successful actress - that's the reality.
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