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Thread: Can anyone help me identify these toy parts? Thank you in advance!

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    Can anyone help me identify these toy parts? Thank you in advance!

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    Picture #1 and #4 look like the plastic rails off of the skiff from the Jabba Skiff Guard 3 pack from 1998 Power of the Force line.
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    I thought they looked like Skiff Rails as well. I only collect the vintage line so I hadn't been searching the 90's line. The rails came with some SW pieces I purchased. Thanks for your help!

    I know the others aren't Star Wars. Those are from my old toy box so they should be from the 80s or early 90s. I've managed to figure out all of my other pieces but am stuck on this group.

    Thank you again for your reply!
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    I believe the middle gun in the second picture is Optimus Prime's.

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    The purple gun in Pic 3 is from Starriors Cosmittor (Deadeye and Cricket).

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    Thanks to everyone for your help on this. Two more to go if anyone has any ideas.

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    The Optimus Prime gun looks like Optimus Prime's, but is not his Vintage G1 gun. Possibly from a G2 or beastmasters or something later.
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