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Thread: Indiana Jones diorama 1:6 scale

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    Indiana Jones diorama 1:6 scale

    Hi All,

    I can't remember the last time I built a indy dio/display so here is a new one I just completed this morning.


    Indy - The body I got from ebay and the head and fedora I got from a mate from the Sideshow toys indy forum. The shirt is from the Sideshow Indy figure and the boots are from the Hasbro talking indy.

    The pants, jacket, pants belt, bag and holster belt are from Hot toys Indy, the holster is scratch built as is the whip. The relic in his right hand is a cast I got from a mate in US.

    Base - Is balsa wood and High density blue foam just cut out and glued together. Once the peices were dry I then used a led pencil and drew in the stone floor and a piece of sand stone was used to give the foam a more stone look to it.

    The stone column is made from High density blue foam and each stone was cut out and then as per the floor I used a piece of sand stone to make it look like real stone.

    The ground work was built up using spakfilla and sand and once dry I then covered that with a mix of sand/dirt/static grass/thin sticks/ground up leaves/lichen moss and this was glued over the spakfilla/sand mix.

    Once the ground work was dry I then painted it with Vallejo Chocolate Brown and once dry I used plants fro Joe Fix Studio's and from the craft store. The small grass tufts are from Army Painter and the vines are dried out weeds I got from the garden and the leaves attached to them are fishtank plants.

    The diorama and figure were painted and weathered using Vallejo Piants.


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    Looks great except for Indy's beard. I'd tone that down a bit to a shadow.

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