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Thread: 2017 Exclusive Christmas Mini-Bust - K-2SO

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    I originally said I wasn't going to buy any busts from outside the main movies... But I love the Christmas ones, so have caved in and ordered one.

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    I think you'll be happy you did ! This guy will be cool in person.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LightSword View Post
    Haha! ... sorry If yours does not show up with painted eyes, don't blame it on poor LightSword? I just posted the pictures

    * Here is a video from the SDCC Gentle Giant booth where you can see his eyes are painted. Being an overall dark sculpt, from some angles it may appear the eyes are not painted but, when it gets hit properly by a light you notice the painted eyes.
    I won't blame it on you!!! Just ordered him.

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    Daniel answered me on FB when I asked about the eyes. He said they are painted.

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    Ordered this guy up yesterday. Happy to add it to the ol' collection.

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    $123 total for me. The $21 shipping charge sure is ridiculous.
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