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Thread: The Last Jedi Teaser poster up at Disney Movie Rewards

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    The Last Jedi Teaser poster up at Disney Movie Rewards

    Like the title says, I've been checking every week for a while now, looks like it's finally up. Interestingly it's the text only version and not the weird illustrated one that debuted at Celebration earlier this year.

    Oh, and its 500 points instead of 1000 for whatever reason. I ordered and will report back as far as single/double sided, etc.
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    Nice thanks! Ordered! Had 1000 banked in case it popped up!
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    Skipping that one. Waiting for the non-teaser one.
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    The poster pictured above arrived today, nice thick quality poster, double-sided, tube was perfect (same size as previous DMR ones), and it seems they're shipping these with plastic sleeves, which may help slightly with edge damage. Not too sure about crumpling up the shipping paper and putting that in the tube, but no harm done. If storing long term though he sure to remove that paper.

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    Got my a couple days ago and there was damaged on the tube and sure enough the poster was damaged. I have to email them a picture of the damage.
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    Second poster is up. It's the one from Celebration. Described as double-sided like the others.

    750 points for this one.
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