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Thread: The Last Jedi Teaser poster up at Disney Movie Rewards

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hail_Lord_Helmet View Post
    Can you post a link to the page? I canít get onto the website

    i, too, wish they would offer the international version.

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    I ordered the second one but skipped the final. I do like it but it doesn't really match the final TFA poster.

    Speaking of the final TFA poster I have a couple extras from DMR if anyone needs one

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    Yeah... kinda disappointed the theatrical ones won't match like Episodes 1-3 did. On the other hand, I guess the original theatrical ones for 4-6 didn't match in style either... I do really miss the days when posters didn't all look like photoshopped images mashed together, though.
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    The art of movie poster art is sadly lacking...we need Drew Struzan back in a big way.

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    Been waiting for this one to drop and I had no clue it had. Just my luck I missed it. Hopefully they get some back in stock later.

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    Ugh, hopefully they do, received mine today but it looks like someone stepped on the tube... one plastic cap missing and nice creases all down the length of the poster from where the cardboard tube was squashed.

    Sent them an email but not sure what'll happen if they're out of stock.
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    I got mine yesterday and the end cap was missing causing some fraying on the end there. I got an email they are replacing it. Maybe they’ll get another batch for those who missed out. I know they have more TFA posters after those were gone.

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    Yep, end cap was gone on mine too, due to how flattened one end was. It's an easy fix, just add some tape, as I told them when my first poster tube arrived with the cap missing. Apparently they would rather ship a bunch of replacements.

    Good news is they said my replacement is coming too, though. I'll keep an eye out for a restock and will post here if I see it come back.
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    Got mine yesterday. It arrived in perfect condition. First time I see them use a plastic sleeve and then insert it into the tube.
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