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Thread: 27" x 40" Rogue One Movie Poster Light Box

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    Red face 27" x 40" Rogue One Movie Poster Light Box

    I've received a free Rogue One double-sided poster from Disney Rewards awhile back. I finally got around to making a light box for it and I really like the way it came out.

    There are lots of great youtube tutorials out there. I really liked the ones using the snap frames by SnapeZo (available on Amazon) even though they are a little pricey, I think they are worth it. The final price is still far cheaper than buying a fully made light box. For the most part I took ideas from these two videos. Both of these guys connected two LED strips for their light boxes. If you start connecting multiple light strips, I definitely recommend educating yourself on LEDs and the appropriate power supplies that they require.

    I went with a combo set which included a 5 meter roll of size 2835 LEDs (not to be confused with 3528 LEDs which are less bright), a dimmer switch and a power supply. One roll was plenty for me. The adhesive on the LED strips seems to stick very well to the aluminum tape but I am a little worried it may fall off over the long term. The set comes with about 6 clear clips/screws. But they were useless as the screw heads were too small and would slip through the hole. I did not have any small screws around the house as most would have poked through the thin plywood back board. Hopefully the adhesive holds.

    The SnapeZo frames ship with two clear protective sheets, one matte, one glossy. I prefer the glossy one (shown here). The backing looks like its solid white but it is translucent enough for bright LEDs to shine through. It works great at diffusing light.

    Here are the materials, vendors and costs I used:
    Snap Frame - Amazon $69.99

    LED, Dimmer, Power supply - Amazon $15.99

    I bought the waterproof version by mistake, next time I'll save a couple bucks and buy the non-waterproof set for $13.99

    6ft 4" x 1" pine boards (actual 3.5" x 3/4") Home Depot - 2 @ $8.74 each = $17.48

    48" x 96" x .201inch ply wood - Home Depot - $24.95 (they sell smaller sheets but I planned on making 3 box frames and they cut them in store for free) - Home Depot - $24.95 or $8.31 each (makes 3 frames)

    Black paint 1 qt (paints several)- Home depot - $9.97 or $3.32 each frame
    I probably could have shopped around for this better. I'm sure Walmart would have been cheaper, but I didn't want to stop again.

    Large sawtooth hangers (3 pieces) - Walmart - $0.97 or $0.32 each -
    WARNING- the hangers I believe are strong enough to hold the weight but the tiny nails they come with are not, they are too short.
    I learned this the hard way. I replaced them with longer nails. I may even switch out the hanger for a french cleat that uses screws.

    Aluminum foil tape - 99 cents only store - 4 rolls @ $0.99 each = $3.96- You might be able to do it with 3 but I overlapped alot so I used about 3 1/2.

    Screws and nails - Screws are needed for the box and screwing the snap frame to the box. Longer nails were needed for the sawtooth hanger. I had a bunch of various sizes already.

    I borrowed a corner clamp like this from my father and it came in real handy when screwing the boards together.

    Total cost for one light box was about $120. The snap frame is the bulk of it but I think its worth it. Although I'm happy with how the first one came out, I am considering making the next one thinner. The LED strips are so thin I'm not sure why it needs to be so deep. Obviously you don't want the LEDs so close that you can see them through the diffuser. But I think I can get away with thinner boards. Any thoughts? I still have to make light boxes for my The Force Awakens and Captian America: Civil War double-sided posters. I'm hoping Disney Rewards offers the Spider-man: Homecoming poster as I'm not that attached to the Civil War poster.
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    Looks fantastic!
    continuing the vintage custom at a time!

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    That looks wonderful. Great job and thanks for the detailed plans.
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