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Thread: How to put stickers back on vintage toys

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    How to put stickers back on vintage toys

    Hi all!
    I picked up my vintage Slave I ship for the first time in years from my display, and a handful of stickers fell off (I've also had this happen with numerous other toys).

    Does anyone know how I can reapply these stickers (now they are just little pieces of paper!) without ruining them?


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    Always glad to help, but, a Search can reveal a lot.

    Glue stick works great. Some prefer a more expensive archival-quality glue stick, some just use good, old cheap Elmer's or Uhu. I usually use a 'slip sheet' underneath the glued sticker so as to not get glue all over. As you apply the sticker where you want it slowly move the slip sheet out.

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    I use spray adhesive. Works like a charm!
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    All good suggestions.

    I prefer this method:

    No mess and relatively quick and easy. These come in different sizes to accommodate stickers of various lengths and widths. Still, for some stickers, glue sticks or spray adhesive are the only options.


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    My two recommendations here
    1) use an acid free glue stick. I'm pretty sure this is the one I've used in the past:

    2) hold the sticker in your fingers and rub it on the glue stick, as opposed to rubbing the glue stick onto a sticker that you're holding in one place. I ripped a vintage sticker in half trying to do the latter, never again!

    Congrats on the Slave 1, it's by far my favorite vintage ship and looks fantastic with its multicolored stickers in place.

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    I've used a little dab of a normal glue stick. Figured it would hold things for a couple more years
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