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    Items FS/FT

    I have some items for sale and a short trade list just in case. Money orders are highly preferred and can result in a little bit of a discount. You can check my feedback and see that I've never screwed anyone over and I never will. Shipping not included.

    GG mini busts for sale:
    2-1B mini bust, never displayed, $80
    Kit Fisto mini bust, never displayed, $85
    Shaak Ti mini bust, never displayed, $85
    Scout Trooper PGM mini bust, never displayed, $130
    Aayla Secura mini bust, never displayed $150 SOLD
    AOTC Clone Lieutenant mini bust, second owner, $299
    Sandtrooper Corporal mini bust, second owner, probably displayed, $75

    Will consider trades for:
    GG Grand Admiral Thawn mini bust
    GG Slave Leia mini bust

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