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Thread: RIP Martin Landau

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    RIP Martin Landau

    Didn't see a thread on this, but we lost another acting legend this weekend - the great Martin Landau.

    Whether you remember him from the Mission: Impossible TV show, his Oscar winning portrayal of Bela Lugosi in "Ed Wood," or any of the other scores of roles, movies or TV shows he's done, he was a fantastic actor, and to me he'll always be remembers as Commander John Koenig of Moonbase Alpha on Space: 1999.

    RIP, Mr. Landau.
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    He was indeed an awesome actor!

    He was awesome in Space: 1999 (even though that series scared me as a kid - the whole idea of the moon hurtling off into space, with colonist aboard it!).

    RIP Mr Landau

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    RIP Martin Landau. His depiction of the master of disguise Roland Hand in the original Mission: Impossible series was truly legendary. Too bad he left after only three seasons, due apparently to a contract dispute. Leonard Nimoy (as Paris) did a great job replacing ML, but it wasn't the same.

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    I never really watched Mission Impossible, but did enjoy Space:1999; Martin Landau's performance in Ed Wood was great; I'll have to watch that one again sometime soon.
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