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Thread: Star Wars Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments

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    "Stormtrooper Surprise" sounds like a kid's meal lol

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    I would love to figure out a way to trade some of these with other interested collectors? I have available a 2017 Celebration McQuarrie Stormy and looking for a 2016 SDCC McQuarrie Boba or the earlier McQuarrie Vader/Luke.

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    I picked up FN-2199 at my local event on Saturday, as well as TFA Luke and Ben/Vader duel. Passed on the interactive ones for now.
    Current wants: 3.75" Fenn Rau; Cody and SDCC Pop!s

    My collection:

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    The Hallmark employee that I spoke to said that the Jedi Master 3 Pack was limited to 2 per store.

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    Just looking at the Hallmark coverage on the RS page. What is the Millennium Falcon theyr're showing. Is it 2d?

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