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    Radio drama

    Got this through the post today. A really good read. 1995. I've got audio cassettes of the original trilogy radio drama but haven't owned a cassette player for years! Does anyone know if these radio dramas are available digitally anywhere?

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    I know they are on CDs. I own a copy of it.
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    Y ou Can Download they Form iTunes as well. I Can highly recommended them.
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    Yeah, I would imagine they're available from most digital media retailers these days (iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, etc.).

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    There are special MP3 disc versions available. Plays on most CD players or can be downloaded to your computer/device. They come with a super rare Topps collectors card.

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    ^I picked up the "Light Side" version a couple of years ago.
    I hadn't listened to the radio dramas since I was a kid back in the day.
    Definitely worth picking up.
    Also picked up the regular cd versions of ESB and ROTJ.
    All are a good lesson, although Mark Hamill didn't reprise his role as Luke for the ROTJ one.
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