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Thread: Been out of collecting for a while.........these prices

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoth_My_Fav View Post
    Yes prices are still high, some items still climbing, depends on what you are looking at.

    As an example, Revenge proof cards remain hot and depending on the character, according to my data base, prices are easily up 50-60% over last year. Some MOC's have declined slightly. Some MISB icon items, graded, are down slightly. Again it depends on what you are looking at.

    I am of the opinion that there are many signs that a peak has been reached in price, from the constant barrage of new movies to new grading agencies such as CAS and some other name I cant remember at the moment. Not to mention that eventually we will economically slow down and it will put a hold on rising prices.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KeepFrozen View Post
    I believe 2d will have physical longevity over the 3d material absolutely. However, the only thing that scares me about 2d is the relative ease of reproducing the stuff. I have seen some scary good reproductions of paper related collectibles and the technology to create it is only going to get better and more affordable.

    Which brings me to the point of if you can buy a proof card for $10 that looks/feels exactly like the real deal, what does that do to the market of a $1500 original proof?
    I feel I have seen enough data points over the last two decades to say that as long as the original can be discerned from the repro, the market will not be affected by an abundance of reproductions. In fact, it seems the visibility draws new collectors in that only increases prices. For proofs, the lack of a bubble or figure surely helps long term conservation but you still have to be careful of fading and sun exposure (even indirect). Still this hasn't been a huge issue that I have seen, in part because people don't frame proofs so you can't detect sun touching like you can with framed original artwork. That said, there was a faded proof/Cromalin on Facebook recently.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kbob25 View Post
    Thank you very much for the heads-up. Very timely as I was looking at some MOC's the other day where the bubbles just didn't look right. I will tread very lightly.
    Not just MOC, loose figs have been completely fabricated and weapons are an apparent mine field. You might read up on the Toy Toni scandal, baggie scandal, and I am sure there is one more I am missing. I think its more important now than ever to know who you are buying from.

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