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Thread: Help Offered: Louisville Fandom Fest July 28th-30th Spencer Wilding Ingvild Deila

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    Help Offered: Louisville Fandom Fest July 28th-30th Spencer Wilding Ingvild Deila

    That's really a shame. I saw Carrie Fisher in 2015 I believe there and it was a nice show. Billy Dee and Mahew were both supposed to be there too but cancelled last minute. So last minute the cancellations happened (or were announced) while I was on my 5 hour drive to the show. I had already purchased autograph tickets which they wouldn't refund, and offered only the tickets' value in credit from the Nerdy Planet. After seeing their wares, I ended up convincing them to upgrade me and give me additional Fisher autograph tickets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamesanshutz
    I think you guys are full of crap about this swapping thing going on. How we do know its not you that you're doing the swapping yourself?

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    Seeing as how 3/4 guests I needed have cancelled, and a majority of my consignments as well, I just can't justify driving 12 hrs roundtrip for this show anymore. I only collect Star Wars and can't see going so far for one guest that I can get at another show. Sorry to everyone who sent items. I start PMing people tomorrow about refunds, but I won't be able to start sending stuff back until next week. Good news is there are 2 more shows coming up that barring cancellations I should be going to:
    PM sent.. Thanks anyway

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    Wow, looks like we dodged a bullet here. Good thing I didn't preorder any tickets. Refunds coming this weekend.
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    Whew! Fing SNAKES!!!! They will get theirs one day.
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    OK, everyone should have been refunded and all items in my possession have been mailed back. If you didn't get a PM regarding a refund or tracking for your items, please PM me right away. Thanks- Joe

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