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Thread: Darth Sidious Senate

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    Darth Sidious Senate

    An easy custom using a spare Royal Guard BS body & robes :

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    That looks pretty cool!

    Heh, thinks finding an ERG is "easy".

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    Simple but works. I'll have to try that. I really liked Palpatine's robes from ROTS, and was disappointed that they never received a proper release. The Deluxe figure from that line (from which I assume you took the head-wear) was more like a Happy Meal toy than a real action figure.

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    Thanks guys.

    Utinniii , you know though I ended up buying 26 or so RG's from Walmart, in my area they were relatively numerous.

    KyleNotKatern, I don't know how accurate the ROTS Deluxe figure was, but it appears also that Palpatine wore very casual slippers with no socks,lol. Yeah the headwear is from that Deluxe figure while the head(and hands) is from the regular ROTS release Emperor Palpatine, the one that actually came with the Senate pod pack.

    I had also made this ROTJ style Emperor Palpatine using a Saga Emperor's hands, head/upper torso, Kylo Ren lower torso & upper legs body and a spare BS Tatooine ROTJ Luke lower legs. While the arms and soft goods from the Evo Palpatine(hood is from the ROTS Sidious):

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