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Thread: Funko -Stranger Things action figures

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    Must be Hasbro's influence, telling everyone that you can't make 3 3/4" action figures. lol
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    So the 7 inch Stranger Things Ghostbusters 4 pack - will that be in stores or some convention exclusive, like SDCC?

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    Picked up the Chief Hopper action figure today. As of right now it's the only figure I plan on picking up.
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    Received Lucas and Dustin from ClarkToys to go with my Hopper and Eleven. I'll order Will, Mike, and the Demogorgon to finish the main line up before jumping off.
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    Found Lucas, Dustin and GameStop last Saturday. They had six Demogorgons out.

    So along with Mike and Will, looks like they will have Punk Eleven, Barb and Steve.

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