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Thread: Looking for a Star Wars podcast guest host

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    Looking for a Star Wars podcast guest host

    Hi-there, fellow Scummers!

    I co-host a show called the Star Wars Junk Podcast. We discuss all things Star Wars! Everything from the films, to SW current events, to more obscure projects from years past. It’s me & 3 other guys, except that the 4th guy is Uber-ing a lot lately to make ends meet & can’t participate as often. I like having 4 people on to discuss the topic of the week, so I’m seeing if anyone here would be interested in joining in.

    We record our conversations over Skype & all you would need is a smartphone with a mic headset (the earbuds with mic that come with iPhones are ideal). We typically record at 8:30pm EST on a night where we’re all free. Lastly, please be passionate about all-things Star Wars!
    PM me if you’d be interested!

    - Zack
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    See you around, kid.

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