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Thread: Luke Stormtrooper Gun

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    My POTF Luke Stormie is MOC so it better have the correct gun.

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    Head out to TIG - they talk specifically about this weapon. There's also an excellent thread here in RS -
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    It's solid black. There were a few trilogos with the blue/black blasters but it's typical of the packaging errors and randomness of the line.
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    Also forgot to note in this thread- bought a lili ledy stormtrooper graded afa piece a few months back- busted it out and examined the gun and it was SOLID BLACK
    went to TIG and verified it was a v6 ledy blaster (from the v3 mold cast in solid black)
    so we have these as well (for the solid black imp. blasters fan) guess is these are much more rare- I was very lucky and OH SO HAPPY

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