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Thread: 6/4/2017 Forum move has been completed

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    I don't think it's anything specific and it is intermittent. It's weird because now it's working normally again.

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    Makes it very hard to troubleshoot. I haven't given up on you guys, don't worry!
    Maybe I'm an Admin still? Who knows!

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    If it helps, my browser just reported another "The conncetion has timed out" message.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grahame View Post
    Uh...does the forum have ads? Even if it did there would be no difference between coming from the homepage and coming from a bookmark, unless your bookmark sent you to a different site first and redirected.
    Hmmm... Now you mention it...

    Could be the ads on the page I was leaving, but didn't have the problem going to any other site. Thanks for the reply!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grahame View Post
    It's so weird because I don't see it at all. Is it specific threads? Maybe ones with lots of pages?
    It's threads but also subsections. I come directly to the main forum listing of all subsets. I go to Black Series 6", Vintage:Toys, Comics, Books, Magazines, I'll peek at the sales/trades boards, as well as Customs, the Films and Televisions boards, and Wuher's. Many of the threads I look at are long term types, but I haven't noticed it as short threads being quicker loads.
    In past years, when everything was fine, some mega long multi-hundred page threads would take longer. But it doesn't seem to be this effect. I know a lot of people post full size pics and they are great to view, but maybe people need to use the thumbnail option where we can click to expand in another window. Perhaps sheer volume of those things are adding up. I don't know how much of what loads when you look at a thread or page.
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