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Thread: Vintage R2D2 and C3PO with Sandcrawler in the background

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    Vintage R2D2 and C3PO with Sandcrawler in the background

    When I was a kid a billion years ago, I had a poster like this, but there was a Sandcrawler in the distant background. Does anyone have a picture or a reference for the poster like this with a Sandcrawler in the far background? I would like to eventually purchase one, but I need a reference to find it. Thank you, and I appreciate any help on it.

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    Was it this one? 1978 Cheer and Dawn poster? Not a sandcrawler but close-ish.
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    That is a cool poster, and I appreciate the post. The one I am looking for is the poster I posted but it has a sand crawler in the background. I stamped on it as a kid, and it was getting rough around the edges, but I thought I had kept it. I think my parents tossed it when I moved out. I have never seen another one again.

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    Is this poster close to what you had?

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