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    Has your opinion of this film changed over the years and if it has, why?
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    nope, love it still, it was a great spring/summer when it came out, and it really re-established the way I approached my fandom and quirky SW rituals. good times man good times!

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    For me it still feels the most authentic of the three prequels in terms of aesthetic and feel. It was also the first time that I was witnessing a Star Wars movie debut in cinemas, so it is always going to be special to me.
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    well, I'm an old ******* at almost 44 so I saw the OT theatrical run, but also the SE in winter '97. This was the first release for me to thoroughly enjoy in the classic SW summer style, the May release dates. Being a kid in the old days w/ less funds and less everything, from merch to exposure etc i t was cool to be older and be able to seek out the promotions and interviews and all that cool stuff much easier and abundantly. Also, for me it just lends itself to the overall great vibe at that time of the year-you start mowing, cookouts, windows finally open again, fresh spring air, etc. and SW! It's a great positive flow overall, you know.
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    I adore TPM more and more as the years go by. Not only because it was my first SW love, but post-TPM, SW spiralled into mediocrity in every aspect. And I don’t mean just the remainder of the prequels, the current sequels are even more insulting.

    There’s absolutely no denying what a mess TPM ultimately turned out to be: Juvenile, boring, lazy and weak direction and clueless acting (due to the lazy direction). But the potential, the ambition, the confidence, the vision. George was brimming with confidence and I get the impression TPM is his ideal SW: A simple fairy tale from a past era (even sunny Norman Rockwell-idealistic), uncluttered by the pandering of current pop culture and fandom. It genuinely felt like his story. And it was so fresh, so new without relying on a single classic OT-trope of pirates, smugglers, TIES and X-WIngs etc that’s the current trappings of this bland and color-by-corporate-numbers Sequel era.

    The CGI’s definitely become dated almost 20 years later, but TPM has only grown in charm to me. It still feels more innocent, more untouched by the blandness of corporation that’s infested all these Marvel/DC superhero movies (except for the totally on-point Deadpool) to a generic dullness despite all the tacky and expensive loudness. TPM just feels more genuine in its presentation than ever before to me. I’ve lost interest in the current state of SW, although RO was a nice surprise on how SW sort of got its groove back for me. I can’t stand the forced Guardians of the Galaxy cheese, so that brand of goofy fun is nothing I’d want for SW. TPM was a tad too serious, even gormless for sure, but at least it wasn’t try-hard obnoxious like Guardians

    Even AOTC is starting to have an odd hold on me in retrospect. But it’s like a totally different genre next to the innocence and otherworldly vision of TPM. It’s such a hot, directionless, insecure, camp mess it’s starting to take a charm of its own with its beautiful but vapid leads, especially in light of that SW knock-off TFA. AOTC-Amidala is the result when a world is dumb enough to let the Snowflakes/SJWs of current society with the brainpower and attention-span of the Jenners/Kardashians lead the world. AOTC-Hayden’s Anakin is Elizabeth Berkly’s Nomi of the all-legandery cheese-mess Showgirls— from his screamy over-acting to his dim-witted trait. And by ROTS, Ian’s Palpatine is definitely the equivalent of Gina Gershon’s cheese-Queen Cristal to Anakin’s Nomi LOL

    If only someone would dub the AOTC soundtrack over with N’Sync hits… and maybe insert Justin and Co in for jedi cameos, AOTC would rival Showgirls’ hot mess. Maybe even be up there with the 1980 Flash Gordon LOL

    BTW, one of the best SW track for me is “Across The Stars”… so lush and so baroque. Completely un-SW, but so perfect. It's the only element that sold the laughable "love story".
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    I'm 32, TPM competes daily with ANH as my favorite SW movie. The prequels had to grow on me, but now I know for sure SW has peaked.
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    I love The Phantom Menace and glad to have been a part of it. I was 16 when the film came out and I remember every moment of it and its hype.

    Thank you George!
    Always a pleasure to meet a Jedi.

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    I lined up for tickets. I attended the midnight showing with my favorite sister. we were kids, all over again. it didn't suck. I miss her.
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