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Thread: Whats the best price you've ever got on a figure? (not couning childhood figures)

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    "best" price even though still a bit spendy is 20 bucks for old loose Star Wars figures at the comic book shop that I go to once in awhile. Mostly all they have are the mustache Bespin guard, a ree yees, endor rebel trooper and maybe one of the main heroes like old man ben kenobi.

    Well at least they're 20 bucks and not overpriced all the way to 100 bucks or whatever.

    20 bucks I should be spending on old back issues of comics for a buck each or something

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    Quote Originally Posted by SWaddict View Post
    when Craigslist was pretty new, I found a woman selling her dead husbands stuff. She found 10 old Star Wars figures out in his storage shed. There were no pics but she wanted 200 for them. I wrote a check, yes a check, sent it to her and 2 weeks later these arrived.
    SCORE of a lifetime in my opinion. Nice!

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    I acquired a vintage Yoda on a surprising good ESB cardback at the local Goodwill for around $2 and change a few years ago.
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    Honestly, some of the now best prices were found on...Brian’s Toys, before the announcement of ‘The Force Awakens.’ I got a lot of my best high grade AFA 85/90 pieces from them at prices that make today’s prices seem astronomical. Case in point: I have a 21-back Luke X-wing carded figure in AFA 85 with all 85 sub grades. The card has no price stickers or other markings. I paid about $700 for it back then and was told by someone on here, that I was being ‘hosed.’ Today that figure can easily be sold for $1,000+ on a bad day.
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    not a figure per say but I did score this little beauty over the weekend at a local flea market for $20.00

    not sure if the seller just removed it from a damaged box or not but there is literally no scratches on this ship, the bomb is intact and the only damage I can see on her is a slight bend in the top canons. otherwise it's near perfect
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    There are two figures I got a good price on...and they're from the Last 17; General Lando Calrissian for £10, Endor Poncho Luke for £20 and Stormtrooper Luke for £15, as I recall. As you probably could tell, I bought two of the same figure to recreate Luke as he did towards the end of ROTJ when he battles against Darth Vader on the Death Star. I plan to post a pic of that when I get the chance to just to show you what I mean.
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    Got this guy for free. Authentic weapon/sticker/coin. Does that count?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GrandAdmiralJSK View Post
    Got this guy for free. Authentic weapon/sticker/coin. Does that count?

    No buts thats pretty cool!

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    So mine comes with a bit of a story...

    I had been going to the same (notoriously overpriced) comic/collectibles shop since i was 5. I bought my first SW figs from that shop in 1991: a vader, stormie, luke, R2, 3PO, Han, chewie and Leia - all in terrible condition (paint chips, loose / broken limbs, no weapons or capes) for a bargained down price of $50. The asking price was $150 and the clerk that gave me the deal was promptly let go by the owner.

    For the next 10 years i shopped there. Sold my carefully kept old figures for pennies to the owner for 'store credit' i would put towards more vintage SW figs only to see my old toys being sold there for 3x what i was given as credit.

    In high school, he got some arcades in the store. I got so good at one called 'Area 51', that my friend and I would spend .25c and be able to play through our lunch hour.

    Eventually the store owner got mad and banned us from coming during lunch. ****.

    So.. one day i went in to look at what he had, and to my disbelief was a Takara wind-up R2D2 in pretty good condition (aside from some sticker peel on the edges of the front sticker it is minty) priced at $40.00. I played dumb and asked some questions about it and it became clear the owner had no clue as to what it was worth. I bargained him down to $25.

    The next time I came a couple weeks later he offered me my money back for the R2.. to which i said "no i think its worth more than that" and smiled. He asked me what i was doing back in his store, and accused me of 'ripping him off'. Then he told me to get the F### out of his store. He went out of business a couple years later.

    It is still a trophy in my collection:

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    Not sure this one counts but I'll share it... A few weeks back I purchased a loose B-Wing pilot at a local toy show for $10... LOL... Why am I sharing this, right? This particular B-Wing pilot stood out in his Ziplock bag because he was incorrectly paired with an authentic black endor blaster. I'd say $10 is a nice deal for that accessory in 2017.

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