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Thread: Whats the best price you've ever got on a figure? (not couning childhood figures)

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    I recently got a 1997 Collectors Fleet Electronic Star Destroyer - complete and in great condition - for $10. Sound and lights still work.

    I'm pretty stoked about it.

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    I have a ton of examples that date back to 1993.

    #1 - 12-Back Luke-A for $40 in antique shop in falls church, va
    #2 - 12-Back Han Large head in same antique shop for same price, both are solid 80's and for sentimental reasons, will probably never get rid of them.
    #3 - ~20x Lando General POTF MOC's with clear bubbles for $15 each from goodwill type store in Staunton, VA. around 1995. Traded a bunch to Josh Vilinsky for some other POTF figures which are actually still in my collection.
    #4 - ~20x C-3PO Removable Limb POTF figures and Warok's at $35/each around same time from Kevin Walker of Monolith Toys. He had a couple cases of them and they were all clear at the time. Used them for trade in Toy Shop days.
    #5 - This old guy in Madison, VA had pilfered local toy store clearances in the 80's and had a ton of Jedi stuff. He sold me 2x sealed Imperial Shuttles, a bunch of Speeder Bikes, bunch of ROTJ figures, MISB B-wing, MISB Y-Wing and some other things for really cheap. Cannot remember how much but it was around 1997. I Know it was nickels on the dollar as far as prices today go. At the time there was a lot still in the wild. I just didn't have the proper funds to grab a lot of stuff but I did OK here and there...

    I also remember putting an ad in the local Bulletin Board classifieds that I was buying "Star Wars stuff". I bought a collection of loose items that had a really nice Blue Snaggle plus about 80 other basically unplayed with figures for $50 I think. At the time, there was no grading and I thought it was a good offer. Feel bad in retrospect but OH WELL...
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    Wow...great deals all around! Me, i got nothing like that to report.

    Maybe someday...

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    I got a Han Solo in stormtrooper gear for two Fruit Loops box tops...oh, and postage.

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    MOC Tri-logo Yakface. The result of a $20 purchase and some wheeling & dealing with a toy dealer in the US.

    Long story, short... in the early 90's K-Mart Canada had a strike. Strike ended after 1.5 years and shelves were full of old toys. Bought some rare WWF MOC for $2 each and traded them to a US toy dealer for a MOC Trilogo Yakface.
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    when Craigslist was pretty new, I found a woman selling her dead husbands stuff. She found 10 old Star Wars figures out in his storage shed. There were no pics but she wanted 200 for them. I wrote a check, yes a check, sent it to her and 2 weeks later these arrived.
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    I just bought a ROTJ Admiral Ackbar MOC on ebay for 11.50. With Shipping the total was 19.50. Really nice figure. Bubble was in great shape, no obvious dents or dings. Card nice and flat. I got a really good deal!.......until I got it in the mail. The seller had mailed the figure in a USPS priority mail envelope. The envelope wasn't even really wide enough for the figure. The seller didn't write "Do Not Bend" on the envelope or anything, so when I got home yesterday I found the package folded and jammed into my mailbox. Needless to say the bubble was crushed all the way around, the card was bent all to crap. So....I did get a really good deal on a MOC figure once...and it lasted about 2 days, then it was gone.

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    So sad

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    I bought Han Solo and Chewie for 7 on eBay recently both supposedly mint. When Han turned up his leg had been glued so I complained to the seller. He sent me a replacement one in the post and look what turned up. Near mint PBP variant. Guess it was my lucky day!

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    A. Heat sealed baggie DT Luke for $120 at the Kane County Toy show around 2007.
    B. Any of the cool combo ROTJ 2 Packs (like Biker Scout/Rebel Commando, Teebo/Chirpa; Han/Luke; etc.) that I was able to score for around $25 a piece in the 2000s before others started collecting them and pushing up the prices.

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