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Thread: Will SSC or HT Ever Consider Doing Prequel 1:6 Scale Figures Again?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Imperial1973 View Post
    I have both versions..
    Not much difference..
    Not worth the cost if you already have one..

    I've been looking at Maul 2.0 for some time and have been wondering myself if I really need him in my collection or not?

    I have Maul 1.0 and while he looks ok to me and the price I got him for way back then is way better than the 2.0 version I can't help that I am missing out on something with not having the new version.

    Having said that though maybe the new Maul displayed with Sidshows EP 1 Qui Gon and Obi Wan will make them look too outdated so its better to just stick with my original Maul displayed with them. LOL!

    I have the 12 inch Hasbro Maul on Speeder set and I guess I could always use Maul 1.0 on that speeder if I was to buy Maul 2.0.

    There's so many other new characters that are out or coming that I want though before an updated version of Maul.

    I guess thats why I passed on the Sideshow C-3P0 for as I have the Tamashii version.

    Same goes with passing on the Hot Toys Rogue One Vader as I already have the ANH one.
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    I'm done with prequel stuff. No chance I will go back and get anything from those movies. I suspect Disney, soon after acquiring LFL a few years ago, did some serious "recon work" and determined that the majority of the Star Wars community has turned their attention away the prequels, or abandoned them entirely. From a business standpoint, there's likely little money to be made. Admittedly, it would be nice to have a Dooku. I think we've seen the last of the prequel characters in 1:6 scale.
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    I think the majority of collectors would jump all over Hot Toys quality prequel figures. Especially those of great significance. I know I would have a hard time resisting a Hot Toys prequel Obi Wan, Darth Maul (with lots of accessories to differentiate from SSC), Mace Windu, etc. Honestly Hot Toys could do a realistic Clone Wars line (Obi Wan, Anakin, Ahsoka) and I for one would buy all of the main characters. For the record, has Hot Toys released ANY uniquely PT characters?

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    Will SSC or HT Ever Consider Doing Prequel 1:6 Scale Figures Again?

    No. But I think they'll get to them at some point too. Maybe after the sequel trilogy when they may need main characters to do after they've gone through most of the OT. Hot Toys love to re-use sculpts and they've already made a Sam Jackson sculpt and would just be leaving money on the table as their initial announcement said they had the license for all films I believe. I would think the Figuarts prequel line so far is what you could expect for character selection.
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    With the ongoing rumor about the possibility of Ewan Macgregor starring in one of the spinoff movies depicting Obi-Wan's time on Tatooine between ROTS and ANH, that kind of film could rejuvenate SOME interest in prequel stuff -- specifically Ewan-based Obi-Wan figures, and maybe Qui-Gon. I could definitely see Hot Toys at least giving us an updated Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan from the prequels.
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    If HT does it, they won't inundate us at once. Maybe a Dooku - to see how sales perform.

    I won't be buying them. I've tried with every fiber of my soul to like and accept the prequels, but I can't. TFA, R1 and all the future movies will likely dominate the 1:6 scale landscape.

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    A HT Ewan with garb similar to the Mythos statue would be absolutely amazing.

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    The only moment from the prequels that I like is the Anakin/Obi-Wan saber dual.

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    I'd like a couple versions of Queen Amidala. Her Original outfit and the one from Episode 2. You could give her the ripped and unzipped outfit with her cape and some chains. I for one would love a Boss Bass from Episode one. I'd also love a Dooku, and the other Jedi council members who haven't been made. An updated Aalya Segura, an Aura Sing and Zam Weasel would also be great. And an Episode 2/3 Anakin with switch out hair portraits. Also a Jar Jar and young Anakin Wattle and Qui Gone. I for one would love a Simi Skywalker and a Cleig Lars on his hover chair. For that matter I'd love an Uncle Owen and Aunt Beau from Episode 4. And just for Craps and Giggles i'd like that four armed chef Dexter Jetster and his waitress Droid. And Nate Gunray and a destroyer Droid. Most all of these will never be made but it would be nice.

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