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Thread: Vintage Kenner Collection in my Wampa Cave

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    Vintage Kenner Collection in my Wampa Cave

    I've been collecting for 20 years as an adult and wanted to show my updated Wampa Cave! Here are my 100 Kenner figure run including the Last 17 plus my ROTJ/POTF Luke Skywalker MOC Run (farm boy, pilot, hoth, bespin, Jedi, endor, and Stormtrooper) plus Alternate Photo ROTJ Boba Fett MOC. My sentimental favorite POTF2 run and the modern counterparts to the original Kenner run. Plus my 6" black series and various other collections plus my autographs. I am part of the Droid builders club working on R5-D4. I love how others display their collections and take pride that everything I own is on display. My only rule to buying toys is if I can't display it, I can't own it!

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    Very nice collection!

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    Awesome collection! Love that big R5!!
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    That's one well presented collection, looks great!

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    Wow! Nice set up. I like how the Luke Gunner is ever so casually sitting out there on display. It looks like you have a great collection of quite a few toy lines.

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    Great collection and presentation!

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    Thanks bird. My neck hurts now. Nice collection.

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    nice collection , some really nice mocs also .
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    Wow! this is amazing and inspiring.
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    Looks amazing! That R5 build is going to be impressive. Where did the Cobra Commander and Prime helmets come from?

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