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Thread: FS Sideshow PF's Snowtrooper EX, Chewbacca PF

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    FS Sideshow PF's Snowtrooper EX, Chewbacca PF

    I'm streamlining my collection and really need to make some space.

    Ive got the following which have been opened for photos and inspection. They've been sitting in my closet for months to years without getting displayed so they need to be seen in someone elses collection.

    Price includes shipping WORLDWIDE.

    Snowtrooper PF Ex $650
    Chewbacca PF regular $450

    SOLD R2-D2 and C-3PO SOLD $600
    SOLD Kylo Ren PF EX $450 SOLD
    SOLD Sandtrooper regular $380 SOLD
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    Thanks for all the messages everyone! Please note that all my pieces are boxed up and I will be taking in depth photos for anyone who wants them tomorrow.

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    List updated.

    Im always open to reasonable offers as well. Anything to avoid Evilbay fees.

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    FYI I opened R2 to test the batteries and lights and his droid eye socket in the back fell out and back into his dome. Pictures upon request. $50 off for those interested.

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    Bump for the weekend !

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