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Thread: WTB: Loose weapons and accessories, also cardbacks

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    WTB: Loose weapons and accessories, also cardbacks

    Hi looking to buy loose weapons and accessories, and cardbacks. I would prefer to buy them in large lots rater than individually.

    luke bespin lightsaber
    luke jedi blue lightsaber
    potf weapons/ accessories

    first 12-21 cardbacks
    potf cardbacks
    cartoon cardbacks

    These are what I need but I would buy anything in large lots. Thanks for the help

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    I have these left....

    Esb yoda 32 $2
    Esb atat commander 48 $2

    Han: $20
    R2: $20
    Lando: $10
    Luke: $10

    Ewoks logray $15

    Modern Nom Anor $3
    Trade Feedback

    Looking for any type of Snaggletooth prototypes- New or vintage!!!

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    thanks for the help but unfortunately i already have these. But thank you though

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