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Thread: Rogue Studios Productions

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    Rogue Studios Productions

    I saw this stand for Rogue Studio Productions from various photos of Celebrations Orlando over the course of this week and wondered what you guys made of it. I think that it's absolutely incredible and I was kind of hoping it was a new Studio Scale license. (I need a grail item )

    anyway, this has to be one of the most beautiful and stunning models of the Millennium Falcon that I've ever seen.

    I'd love to hear what you guys think. Shadow, did you see it?
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    It is absolutely beautiful. The photos are great bu don't do it full justice. I talked with the guy for a bit and he is very passionate about it. He does not have a license to sell but could commission one if anyone was interested. Said he had over 50K in materials and development, but he now has the know how and resources to make it. It would be a lot less but no idea of the actual price he would charge. You would have to be patient cause it would be a year and a half project. Best communication for him he said would be Facebook. Hit him up and see how much.

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    I'm not familiar with the accuracy of the Falcon, but the piece had presence. It was huge.
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    He was talking about 25k for possible commissions when he was in the early stages of development

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    It really is a thing of beauty. Apparently retired ILMers even stopped by his booth to chat about it with him and they spent quite a bit of time there.

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    This is insane! How many kidneys do I need to sell for one?

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    25k. That would be my first email if I ever win the lottery.

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    That would be my first email too, if I would win in the lottery.

    Wish you all a nice Weekend and

    best regards,


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    Very impressive and I'm sure the sight of it must have been breathtaking!
    There will be no bargain.

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