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Thread: From a Certain Point of View

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    From a Certain Point of View

    Just pre-ordered this, looks quite interesting

    The description reminds me of the "Tales from" books like the Cantina, Jabba's Palace, Empire. They all described parts of the original trilogy from other characters.

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    That was my impression as well, I hope so as I love the original tales books

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    yeah kinda neat and something fresh. I saw that the book Stormtroopers; Beyond the Armor will be similar to The Complete Vader book, exploring the conception, variations, fandom, merch, and all things regarding stormtrooper history, releasing about the same time.
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    That looks interesting. 'Tales of' are my favourite star wars books.

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    The Tales books were fun. I didn't like how the characters from the cantina were either bounty hunters or rebel agents, though.

    This book looks interesting.
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