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Thread: FS: Master Replicas Lightsabers, Blasters, Helmets LE/SE

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    FS: Master Replicas Lightsabers, Blasters, Helmets LE/SE

    Up for sale is the majority of my Master Replicas collection! I have to sell off most of my collection to help support my mother since my father has passed unfortunately. I will need an extra 3% for paypal and shipping charge will depend on location. If your interested in any of the items send me a PM. Thank you. I will be adding a couple items in the next week as well.

    MR ESB SE Luke lightsaber- $3500( plaque signed by Mark Hamill, mint condition, comes with everything) SOLD

    MR ESB LE Luke Lightsaber - $1200 (great condition comes with acrylic case, all original paperwork and box) SOLD

    MR Darth ANH Dual signature Lightsaber- $2500 (comes with original paperwork, COAs, and box) SOLD

    EFX Luke Reveal Lightsaber- $2000 (Never displayed and is in MINT condition comes with everything) SOLD

    MR Darth Vader Dual signature Helmet- $3000 ( Mint condition and comes with everything) SOLD

    MR ANH Luke elite lightsaber with signature plaque- $2000( Mint condition, custom signature plaque signed by Mark Hamill)

    MR ROTJ Luke elite Lightsaber- $2300 (saber in great condition, crack in cover, comes with everything)

    MR Darth Sidious lightsaber with signature plaque-$1000 (mint condition comes with custom signature plaque signed by Ian mcdiarmid)

    MR Anakin Skywalker revenge of the sith Hayden Christensen signed plaque- $300

    Harrison Ford signed MR ESB Han Solo Blaster- $7200 (This is the price it was originally purchased for and the lowest I can go! only 1 of 5 world wide!)

    Dual Mount acrylic case- $250 SOLD

    Millennium Falcon Hoth Base- $400 (This is a professionally made base for the MR Millennium Falcon) SOLD

    MR ANH Obi Wan Weathered lightsaber- $700 ( comes with original box, plaque, copy of COA) SOLD
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    I would also consider selling these separately.

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    Nice collection! Good luck on the sell

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    indeed, an impressive lot! good luck with the sales!
    There will be no bargain.

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    I wish you good luck with the sales too!

    Best regards,

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    PM sent Sir!

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    Darth Vader helmet and hoth base have been sold!

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    I have added the MR ESB Luke Skywalker SE to this listing. I also have a MR ANH Luke skywalker elite with a custom plaque signed by Mark Hamill.

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