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Thread: w: R3-BOO17, BB 4 PK, &TLJ 2 PK-- H: past hasbro 4", 12" , 4" titaniums, avengers AOU figs

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    w: R3-BOO17, BB 4 PK, &TLJ 2 PK-- H: past hasbro 4", 12" , 4" titaniums, avengers AOU figs

    figured i'd get this ball rolling again. i'm looking for R3-BOO17 (PENDING), the bb8 droid 4 pack (PENDING) and the r4/y5-x2 2pk

    I have these 12" (in seaedl package except Anakin/ rotj) left to trade: zam wesell, watto, qui gon/poncho, qui gon electronic, Anakin/ tatooine, admiral ackbar, bar quin dan, ickabel gont, doikk natts, Tedn Dahai, amidala /ultimate hair, Anakin /adult rotj loose no book,
    titanium 4": silver bossk, sivler clone trooper, silver ig88, red tint target vader

    moc avengers-- age of ultron scalet witch and ultron 2.0

    ALSO NOW AVAILABLE carded POTF2 green card w/ Hologram sticker: Lando Calrissian (Bespin), 2012 movie heroes Padme Amidala also 2013/14 Han Solo/Chewbacca mission series 2 pk- all mint on card
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    UPDATE and bump1--After looking REAL close on eBay and almost picking up a few "solid" color droids for low price, I noticed RA arms and legs are more simpler, ie less detailed than the 3PO arms and legs so I want to make clear that I only want RA arms/legs on RA torso/head combos. RA legs on CZ bodies are OK, maybe even preferred as long as same color. Blue LOM, I prefer blue RA torso but 3PO arms/legs. The black and silver vendor droids can also sport the LOM torso--for variation sake.
    I really wish the white 3PO did not have the K-3POs burns but oh well
    Sorry for being picky but I do not wish to have too many "frankenstein" droids atm I only want solid color droid plus the red arm TFA C-3PO as the only "mixed" color droid...thanks
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    typo in update--- I fixed it in 1st post but to avoid confusion..let me repeat LOM wants/desires
    , BLACK & SILVER LOMs- I'd prefer -LOM torso and RA ARMS & LEGS

    Vendor droidis --complete 3PO bodies, and CZs- 3PO legs

    RED VENDOR AND BLUE L0M PENDING i'll update w/ each acquiition
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    will not need these below as they have been acquired

    2--BLUE LOM

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    just received the following 2 droids:
    3- BLUE 3PO
    4- WHITE CZ

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    today received....
    5-- RED 3PO
    6-- GOLD 3PO

    Also, Rouge 1 wv3 troopers are gone
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    today recieved....
    9-- SILVER CZ

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    acquired w/ case

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    Today's arrivals...
    11-- BLUE RA
    12-- SILVER LOM

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    13-- BLACK LOM
    14-- BLACK RA
    15-- BLACK 3PO
    16-- GOLD CZ

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