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Thread: Lucas/vader signed proofcard?

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    Lucas/vader signed proofcard?

    A friend of mine recently purchased this and i collect vintage and have no idea what to make of this. Is this a custom or some type of a proof card or unused backer? Thanks guys.mods if i posted in wrong spot please move. K

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    I'm not 100% certain, but as an avid POTF 2 collector, I've never seen nor heard of this.
    The purple backs were for "Shadow of the Empire" figures.
    All of those cards (once again, as far as I know) have the diagonal light and not the vertical one.

    If we could get a better quality picture and maybe a picture of the projection card, that would be easier to figure out what's up!

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    Thank for the reply, this is the only other pic i have. I will try and get my friend to post some more

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    Judging by the spelling mistakes on the card I very much doubt it is official.

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    It's not anything official, back in the early days people would create various POTF2 type figures/cards for conventions so it's most likely something along those lines. As for the signatures, they'd need to be authenticated to make sure those are real.

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    Thanks gnt! I will pass info along to my friend!

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