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Thread: 12 back moc set

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    12 back moc set

    Any thoughts on the price of a complete 12 back moc set (including a cloth Jawa and non-DT figures) either graded AFA 85 or ungraded C9 condition?

    How much does the price differ between a 12 back-A and 12 back-B/C set?


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    Lots in play. A big difference between AFA 85 and straight 85. Unpunched also adds some. Most 85s I don't see many price tags on them so that's kinda priced in.

    A vs BC you are looking at a 50-75% premium IMHO for high grade pieces. Some aren't as high (DSC, Stormtrooper, Tusken, etc). But the higher price pieces are where you get hit.

    One thing to remember on the A back is the Jawa. Even if you skip the VC, finding a high grade cloth cape 12a Jawa is a major pain... harder than a VC. Been trying to track down one or more of them for a while.

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    Huge price difference between a AFA 85 and a C9 even if you think that C9 would grade an 85...

    Also, I have a few AFA 85 12 backs with price tags. I don't think they affect the grade however buyers will pay a premium for one without and will pay less if the sticker is big or placed poorly.

    Some people care about 12-As and some don't so I don't think it matters THAT much. However there is a huge premium if there's an SKU footer. check all your As even if they are graded without the designation. AFA didn't start noting them until relatively recently. I have a Ben SKU footer that is graded and not noted on the AFA label.

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